A warm welcome to the Foreign Office


O-Ton1: Niklas Wagner – Federal Foreign Office

“We have invited you to a date with Europe. We wish to convey the importance of Europe as a peace project to young people and the next generation as well.”


O-Ton2: Samira – Winner of writing contest “You and I  – we are all part of Europe”

“My date with Europe is definitely creative and diverse and I’m making many new experiences.”


O-Ton3: Laurenz & Lea - Visitors

“When I travel to France, I no longer have to present my passport. The idea of living the community as one with common values is great.“


O-Ton4: Sigmar Gabriel – Federal Foreign Minister

“We in Europe should ensure that we always treat each other with respect and that one person does not try to act like a schoolmaster.“


O-Ton5: Jerry Hoffmann – Entrant in short-film contest

“What kind of a world do we want to live in? I’d expand the idea so that the focus is not only on Europe. But we must deal with issues about borders and communities again and again.”


O-Ton6: Maria & Jan - Visitors

“We are actually studying Europe in our European Studies course. That’s why we came. Europe is simply a big part of our lives.“